Log In and Sync Accounts

Log into Salesforce Service Cloud and sync to Marketing Cloud

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Before you begin

  • This will be much easier if you are logged into Marketing Cloud, and have previously set up your password and security questions; otherwise, you'll need to stop and do so during the process.
  • Be sure to register your cell phone, as you may need it if off campus.
The system recognizes the computer you're using and your IP address each time you log in. If you're using a different computer or IP (e.g., if you are off campus), the system will text you an authentication code so you can complete your login.

For Marketing users

  1. After logging into Marketing Cloud, hover over your name and choose Cloud Preferences.
  2. Click Default Log-in Preference.
  3. Click Email, and then Save.
  4. Hover over the red house, and then hover over Email Studio and click Email.

Now when you log in, you will be taken to the email overview page to continue the work you are doing in Email Studio.

Log into Service Cloud

  1. Locate the Service Cloud system notification email message you received from support@salesforce.com.
  2. Use the blue "Verify Your Account" link provided in the message for password setup. Create your password and security question.

After initial setup, you can always log into Service Cloud at login.salesforce.com with your email address (e.g., jsmith@iu.edu) as your username. You can also find the login link at https://www.salesforce.com.

Integrate/sync Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud

  1. Marketing users: After logging into Service Cloud, in the upper right corner, change the "IU Constituents" to "IU Marketing". This should be a one-time action.
  2. Click the Marketing Cloud tab under "University".
  3. If you're not integrated/synced, you'll see "Connect to Marketing Cloud". Click it, and add your Marketing Cloud credentials if prompted.
  4. You will see the "Email Send" window in Service Cloud. To make sure that you can open Marketing Cloud from within Service Cloud, click Go to Marketing Cloud on the screen's right.