Insert Image

Insert an image in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder Classic Templates

To insert an image:

  1. Go to the free form block where you want to insert an image and click to edit.

    Edit free form block

  2. In the editor, place the cursor where you want to insert your image. Click the image icon in the toolbar.

    Add image in editor

  3. "Image Properties" opens. Click Add Image to add a saved image, or enter the image URL into the URL field.

    Image Properties

  4. If clicking Add Image, find and click the image from the folders. Click Select.
  5. A thumbnail of the image will display in "Image Properties". If you need a different image, click Replace to change the image.
  6. Check the dimensions of the image and adjust as desired. If sizing image by dimensions, uncheck Scale to Fit. Add alternative text (alt text).

    Change image properties

  7. Add a border and padding if desired.
  8. Set the alignment as Left, Right, or Center.
  9. If you want to link the image, click Add under "Link". Click OK.
  10. The image will display. When you are finished, click Done Editing.

    Final image preview