In Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder, how do I add a button?

Step 1

In the Content tab, drag and drop the Button content block into the layout where you want the button to display.

button content block to drag and drop

Step 2

In the email preview pane, a button with the text "Button Text" will display.

Step 3

Hover over the button block and click to edit.

Step 4

The Block editor will open on the left-hand side. Under the Content tab, add the Button Text.

Note: Use descriptive text for subscribers using Assistive Technologies.

Step 5

You can change the Alignment to be left, right, or center.

Step 6

For the button color, ensure that the color is #990000. Set the padding and border as desired.

background and border colors

Step 7

Add a link to the button in the Link section. Select the type of link from the Link to drop-down menu.

  • Website (http://)
  • Secure Website (https://)
  • Email Address (mailto:)
  • Forward to a Friend
  • Document
  • Anchor to Text
  • Other
drop-down list of link types

Step 8

Enter the URL into the Link URL field.

Note: if the type is Website or Secure Website, do not include http:// or https://.

Step 9

Add the Link Title. The Link Title is the Tooltip, or hover text.

Step 10

Add a Tracking Alias. The Tracking Alias is useful to have when using analytics.

Step 11

Check the box if you want a Conversion Tracking Link.

Step 12

In the Block Settings tab, set the Background, Border, and Spacing as desired.

Step 13

When finished, click Done Editing.