Image Carousel

Add an Image Carousel content block in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

Upload up to five images to display an image carousel in your email. To add an Image Carousel content block:

  1. Click to edit the layout and drag and drop the Image Carousel content block into the area where you want the carousel to display.

    Image Carousel content block

  2. Under the Content tab, click Browse to add the primary image from the folders, or enter the URL of the image.
    Maximum size for images is 3 MB. Allowed file types are JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and AMPscript.

    Add a primary image

  3. Add alternative text (alt text) for the image.

    Add alt text

  4. Under "Link", click Add if you want to your image to be a link.
  5. To add more images, click Add Image and repeat steps 2-4.

    Add another image

  6. Under "Image Settings", check the box if you want Automatic Image Scrolling.
  7. Under "Dimensions", change the height and width if desired, or check the box for Scale to Fit.
  8. Under "Block Settings", add a border, padding, and alignment as desired.
  9. When you are finished, click Done Editing.