Reference Content

Use a Reference content block in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

Use a Reference Content block when you want to point to existing content that is used in multiple places. Then, whenever you update the content in the original source, your content block will always have the most current version of the information.

To use a reference content block:

  1. Click to edit a layout area. On the Blocks tab, drag and drop the Reference Content block to the area where you want it to display.

    Reference Content block

  2. When the block opens for editing, you'll see a list of the local folders. Find and click the content you want, and then click Select.
    Content Builder local files
  3. After you've selected the content item, you'll see a preview. You have the option to Replace or Delete the reference content.
    Content preview with replace and delete options
  4. When finished, click Done Editing.