Change Social Media Icons

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder classic templates, how do I change social media icons?

Step 1

Hover over the social media block (free form block) and click to edit.

editing the social media bar

Step 2

In the editor for the social media bar, highlight and delete the icon you want to replace.

highlighting facebook icon to delete

Step 3

Put the cursor in the blank area and click on the Image icon.

cursor in the blank spot and clicking the image icon

Step 4

Go to Shared Folders > Shared Content > IU assets > Social Media Content > Social Media Icons and click on the social media icon you want. The icon will be white. Click Select.

Step 5

In Image Properties, confirm that the image size is 32 x 32 px and the Scale to Fit box is not checked. Give the image Alternative Text (Alt text).

selection of icon; ensuring size is 32 x 32 px

Step 6

Adjust the Background, Border, and Padding as desired.

Step 7

Set the alignment to Left, Center, or Right.

Step 8

Under Link, click Add and enter the web link.

Step 9

Click OK. The new social media icon will display in the social media bar.

new icon in social media bar