Add Email Link

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder templates, how do I add an email link?

Step 1

Highlight the email address you want to link.

highlighted text to be linked

Step 2

Click on the Add/Edit Link button.

link button

Step 3

The Link Properties window opens. Select Email Address (mailto:) from the Link to drop-down menu.

email selection in Link to menu

Step 4

Enter the email address in the Address field. Enter a Subject for the email. The Link Text will be the highlighted text.

address field

Step 5

Under Link Color, it is recommended to use the IU default color #990000 by typing it into the box. If you want to underline your email link, click the checkbox for Include underline on hyperlink.

link color and underline options

Step 6

Enter the Title, Tracking Alias, and select Conversion Tracking Link as desired. Click OK.

title and tracking alias

Step 7

View the link in the email preview pane.

example of linked text