Create an Email Using Text Type

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder, how do I create a text only email?

The Text Only option allows you to access the WYSIWYG editor to create and format a simple email message. This email version does not contain or offer any branding graphics or images.

Step 1

In Create Email, select Text Only from the drop-down menu.

create text email method

Step 2

Under Define Email Properties, give the email a descriptive Name.

Step 3

Select a Location where you will save the email.

Step 4

Enter the Subject of the email. The subject is required.

Note: After entering the Subject, click the Save button that appears when you click into the Subject field; otherwise, it will not save.

text email subject and save buttons

Step 5

Enter the email text.

text only content field

Step 6

If your email or send classification do not include required Marketing Cloud anti-spam coding for the Phyiscal Mailing Address, Profile Center, and Track Opens, add them to the message.

Step 7

When ready, test send the email. If testing is acceptable, send the email.