Test Send

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder, how do I test send an email?

After you have created your email, test send your email. Performing test sends ensures that your email is rendering correctly, and all components of the email have been included.

Step 1

Click Preview and Test. Subscriber Preview and Attributes will open in the left-hand pane. The email preview is in the right-hand pane.

field to select subscriber for email preview

Step 2

Click on the envelope and test tube icon (test send).

test send icon

Step 3

Click the blue folder to select a recipient of the test email. You can enter up to five email addresses for the test send. It is suggested that a testing list be created and sent to your test email as well.

test send recipients field

Step 4

Under From Options, select the tab for Saved Send Classification. Select a send classification from the drop-down menu. If you would like to change the sender profile or delivery profile within the send classification, you may overwrite to a different saved profile.

test send classification

Step 5

In the Subject Prefix field enter the text you want to display in front of the Subject text. For test emails it is typically [TEST]: 


subject prefix field and checkboxes

Step 6

Check the applicable boxes for the following:

  • Multipart MIME
  • Track all links in this email
  • Suppress this send from reports
  • Enable System Generated Links

Step 7

Review your entries for the test send. If there are no errors and is acceptable, click Send Test.

Step 8

After clicking Send Test, Test Send Summary opens. This summarizes the number of recipients, the number of messages to send, and maximum messages to send. If these numbers are correct, click Confirm and Send.

test send summary

Step 9

If there are no errors in the test send, you will receive a confirmation message that says that the test send was successful.

test send confirmation