Test Send

Test send an email message in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

After creating your email message, perform a test send with it to make sure it renders correctly and includes all necessary components.

To perform a test send:

  1. Click Preview and Test, and then, to the left of the email preview, under "Subscriber Preview and Attributes", click the Test Send icon (envelope with test tube):

    Location of the 'Test Send' icon

  2. Click the Recipients icon (blue folder):

    Location of the email recipient (blue folder) icon

  3. Under "Recipients", enter up to five email addresses. (UITS recommends creating a testing list for use with test sends.)
  4. Under "From Options", on the Saved Send Classification tab, use the drop-down list to select a send classification:

    The 'Saved Send Classification' tab

    If you want to change the "Sender Profile" or "Delivery Profile" within the send classification, you may overwrite to a different saved profile.

  5. Under "Subject Prefix", enter the text you want displayed in front of the Subject text (e.g., typically [TEST] for test email), and check the boxes to select Multipart MIME, Track all links in this email, Suppress this send from reports, and/or Enable System Generated Links, as applicable:

    'Subject Prefix' and options

  6. Review your entries; if no errors are found, click Send Test.
  7. In the "Test Send Summary", confirm the number of recipients, the number of messages to send, and the maximum number of messages to send. If these numbers are correct, click Confirm and Send.

If the test send has no errors, you will see a message confirming that the test send was successful.