Create an Email

ARCHIVED: Create an email message in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To create an email message in Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  1. Review the address and the send classification information:
    1. Review the organization name and physical address for your business unit: Navigate to Email Studio > Admin > Account Settings.
    2. Create or review a send classification before any email send: Navigate to Email Studio > Admin > Send Management > Send Classification.
  2. Create the email message:
    1. Navigate to Email > Content > Email > Create. Select HTML Paste.

      Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Creating an HTML Paste email message

    2. Complete the "Email Name" and "Subject" fields, and then choose where you will save the email message. Click Save.
    3. Create the email content. IU has resources for design and content in email, such as the editorial style guide and brand guidelines (including simple email messages and social samples).

      Use any of the following methods to create your content using HTML Paste:

      Edit method Description

      Copy/Paste HTML

      Marketing Cloud will also generate a plain text version of each HTML email message created.

      Note: As long as you do not touch the plain text version, it will automatically update with any changes to the HTML version. Once the HTML version is complete and approved, you may optionally modify the plain text version.

      Rich Text
      Rich text is HTML without formatting. You can even create a template for rich text. This provides a text-only email format, allowing you to access the WYSIWYG editor to create and format a simple email message. The footer is non-editable and includes all the required fields. This email version does not contain or offer any branding graphics or images.
      Microsoft Word
      1. Copy content from a Word document and paste it into an HTML editor in the "design" view.
      2. In the HTML editor's code view, add <html><body> to the top and </body></html> to the end to create a rich text email message.
      3. In code view, copy the code.
      4. In the Marketing Cloud, go to Email > Create > HTML Paste. Paste the code into the email editor.

      Plain Text

      Use plain text email message when no formatting other than hard returns is needed or available. To send plain text emails, select My Emails > Create > Text Only. These messages will need the Marketing Cloud required codes depending on what you choose as a footer in the Send Classification (i.e., the Delivery Profile).

    4. If your paste HTML doesn't include required Marketing Cloud anti-spam coding, add it:
      1. Place your cursor at the end of your HTML but before the </body> tag. Under "Email Tools:", choose Physical Mailing Address (required). Click Insert.

        Salesforce Marketing Cloud anti-spam code (physical mailing address)

      2. Place your cursor after the above and before the </body> tag, and then under "Email Tools:", choose Profile Center (required). Click Insert.
      3. Place your cursor after the above and before </body> tag, and then under "Tracking:", choose Track Email Opens link. Click Insert.
    5. Click Validate to see if you are in compliance. If there are no errors, click Save.
    6. Create a subscriber list.
    7. Have your content and subscriber list approved.
    8. Test send the email; for help, see ARCHIVED: Options for sending email in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. When testing is successful, send your email message.