Create a Branded Email using the Template Editor

ARCHIVED: Create a branded email message using the Template Editor in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A properly IU-branded email message should include two items:

  • The campus branding banner
  • The "Fulfilling the Promise" image

To brand the message using the Template Editor:

  1. In Marketing Cloud, go to Email Studio > Emails.
  2. In the folder tree on the left side, click My Templates. Click Create.
    My Templates menu showing Create option highlighted
  3. Enter the name and folder location and select the Use Template Editor radio button. Click Save.
    New Template window
  4. In the Template Editor, the default layout is "Layout A (optimized)". To change a layout, click the Change link.
    Arrow pointing to link for changing a layout in the Template Editor
  5. There are many different layouts from which to choose. To preview a layout, click its radio button. Your layouts should have at least two full-width content areas at the bottom; these are for the "Fulfilling the Promise" image and a social media footer.
    Email template layout showing bottom content areas highlighted
  6. In the Template Editor, select Retrieve Banner.
    New template window with Retrieve Banner option highlighted
  7. Click Browse. Select the Shared Contents > Campus Headers folder and click OK.
    Campus Headers folder selected
  8. Select your campus banner that matches your business unit and click OK.
    Available choices under Campus Headers
  9. Continue to edit your template. When your template is complete, click Save.
  10. Create a new template-based email using the new template. For "Target Language", select Unicode UTF-8.
  11. In the email editor, double-click the bottom pane to bring up a folder tree. Navigate to Shared Contents > IU Global Template Assets, and drag and drop the "Fulfilling the Promise" image and social media bar into the bottom content areas. Select Save as Template and reuse the template as desired.
    IU Global Template Assets with Fulfilling the Promise and social media banner selected