Change Branding Bar

ARCHIVED: Change the branding bar for IU shared templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The default branding bar is Indiana University.

IU branding bar
  1. To change the branding bar to a specific Indiana University campus, click the image. Choose Clear Content from the menu. This empties the region.
    Salesforce Clear Content option
  2. Click the region again, and choose Retrieve Content.
    Salesforce Retrieve Content option
  3. This will open the file hierarchy. Under Shared Contents, select the IU Brand Bars folder, and click OK.
    IU Brand Bars option in Shared Contents menu
  4. The IU Brand Bars folder contains a list of preformatted branding bars for the different IU campus locations. Select a campus, and the preview of the image will display below the list. Click OK.
    IU Southeast Brand Bar example