Add Email Link

ARCHIVED: Add an email link for IU Shared Templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  1. Ensure that you are in the content region where you want the link and select Modify Content.

    Salesforce Modify Content selection

  2. Highlight the text where you want the email link.

    Salesforce content editing window

  3. From the "Insert" drop-down menu, select Hyperlink. Alternatively, click the Insert Link icon (Salesforce Insert Link icon).

    Salesforce Insert menu

  4. The "Insert Link" box will open. From the "Link to:" drop-down menu, select Email Address (mailto:).

    Salesforce Insert Link drop-down

  5. Enter the email address, subject, and tracking alias. A tracking alias is a descriptive name required for analytics. The link tooltip is the hover text for the link.
  6. Click OK. By default, the linked text is blue.
  7. To change the link color to the recommended IU Crimson, highlight the blue text. Select the text color button (Salesforce text color button). The full color palette will open.
  8. In the field below the color palette, enter the IU Crimson hex number 7D110C. Press Tab to commit the color.

    Salesforce font hex color

    The link text is now the recommended IU Crimson.

  9. To review the link properties, right-click the linked text and choose Link Properties. This opens the Link Properties.

    Salesforce link properties

  10. Review or edit as needed, and click OK.