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ARCHIVED: Insert an image into IU Shared Templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Insert an image

To insert an image into IU Shared Templates:

  1. Click the space where you want the image and select Clear Content.

    Salesforce Clear Content option

  2. Click in the now empty space and select Create Content.

    Salesforce Create Content option

  3. Choose from eight different layouts. Click Next.
  4. Select the image; choose from previously uploaded images, or upload an image to My Portfolio. Click Next.
    For image recommendations and guidelines, see Image guidelines below.
  5. In "Content Area Properties", select borders and colors. For padding, 20 pixels is recommended. Click Next.

    Salesforce Content Area Properties

  6. The image will open in the text editor. Format the image by right-clicking it and selecting Image Properties.

    Salesforce Image Properties

  7. In the General tab, adjust the image size and borders.
  8. In the Layout tab, choose the alignment and padding.
  9. In the Link Properties tab, associate an email link or web link.

    Salesforce Link Properties

  10. Click OK.

Image guidelines

When uploading images to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Maximum file size: Maximum file size for uploading images to My Portfolio is 200 KB.
  • Supported image file types:
  • Check image dimensions:
    • Does the image fit in the content region?
    • Has the image been optimized for the web?
    • Has the image been adjusted to account for padding, margins, or borders?