IU Announcement Template

ARCHIVED: Create an email message from the IU Announcement shared template in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  1. On the dashboard, find Email Studio, and select Email.
    Salesforce Email Studio selections
  2. This will take you to the "Email Overview" page. Navigate to Content – Emails.
  3. The "My Emails" page will open. Select Create - Template Based.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Template Based email option
  4. Click the Select button to retrieve the shared templates. Select the IU Announcement template. Click OK.
    IU Announcement template option
  5. Enter the "Email Name" and "Email Subject".
    Example email properties for IU Announcements
  6. Select the location in the hierarchy to save the message. Click Save.
  7. The IU Announcement template will open for editing.
  8. The default branding bar is the Indiana University general branding bar. To change the branding bar to a campus-specific branding bar, see ARCHIVED: Change the branding bar for IU shared templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  9. To edit, click the title region to bring up the content options. Select Modify Content.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Modify social media bar content
  10. This opens the text editor with preformatted placeholder text. In order to maintain text formatting, highlight text between the first and last characters and type your title. In the example below, the title changed to "Free Food!". Delete the first and last characters of the old title.
    Highlighting the entire placeholder text and typing new text will remove the formatting.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud IU Announcement example
  11. Click Save.
  12. Edit other regions as needed.
  13. To add images, see ARCHIVED: Insert an image into IU Shared Templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  14. To add a link, refer to ARCHIVED: Add an email link for IU Shared Templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud or ARCHIVED: Add a web link for IU shared templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  15. To remove extra regions, you can clear the content so it collapses and does not display in the sent announcement. Click the region and select the Clear Content option.
    Salesforce Clear Content option
  16. In the social media bar, the default social media icons are for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you want to have a different social media bar, see ARCHIVED: Change social media bars in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. To replace social media icons, see ARCHIVED: Change social media icons in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Social media bar icons example
  17. When editing is complete, test your email send thoroughly. After testing has passed, send your announcement.