Change Content Regions

ARCHIVED: Add or change newsletter content regions for IU Shared Templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In the Newsletter 1 and Newsletter 2 templates, you can use the preset content region types, change the content region type, or add content to blank regions.

  1. To add content to a blank region, skip to step 3.
  2. To change a content region, click on the region you want to change and select Clear Content.

    Salesforce Clear Content option

  3. Click on the cleared content region and select Retrieve Content.

    Salesforce Retrieve Content option

  4. In the "Retrieve Content" window, select Browse.
  5. Under Shared Contents, find the newsletter content folder (newsletter1 or newsletter2) and click OK.

    Salesforce My Contents newsletter folders

  6. Select from many different content types depending on your needs (e.g., Newsletter 1 - Sub Article - image left). Select the content and click OK.

    Salesforce select content type from Newsletter 1 folder

    Preformatted content for the type you chose will display.