Change Social Media Bar

ARCHIVED: Change social media bars in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can choose from three different social media bars that display two, four, or five icons. Select a social bar based on how many icons you need.

  1. To change the social media bar, click it and select Clear Content.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Clearing content from social media bar

  2. Click in the cleared region and select Retrieve Content.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Retrieving content for social media bar

  3. Select the content based on the type of email message you are creating:
    • For evite and announcement email messages, select the IU Global Template Assets folder.
    • For newsletters, select the newsletter-specific folder.

      Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Selecting content for social media bar

  4. Click OK. Content options will open. You can choose social bars with two, four, or five icons:
    • For evites, choose one of the Grey Social Bar options (e.g., Grey Social Bar 2-icons V2).
    • For announcements, choose one of the Crimson Social Bar options (e.g., Crimson Social Bar 4-icons V2).
    • For newsletters, choose one of the Midnight Blue Social Bar options (e.g., Midnight Blue Social Bar 5-icons V2).
  5. Click OK.