Change Social Media Icons

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, how do I change social media icons?

  1. Click the social media bar and select Modify Content. This opens the social media bar in the text editor.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Modify social media bar content

  2. Delete the icon you are replacing (e.g., the Google Plus icon).

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Social media bar icons example

  3. Either click the Insert Image icon (Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Insert image icon), or from the toolbar, select Insert > Image.
  4. Navigate to Shared Portfolio and select social icons white.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Select social icons white folder

  5. Select the social media icon you want to add (e.g., the Instagram icon). The thumbnails look blank; the social media icon is white and will appear on a colored background.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Choosing a social media icon image

  6. Click OK. The new social media icon will appear.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Social media bar icons