Add Web Link

ARCHIVED: Add a web link for IU shared templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  1. Click in the content region where you want the link, and select Modify Content.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Modify Content in IU shared template
  2. In the text editor, highlight the text where the link will be added.
  3. Navigate to Insert - Hyperlink or click the insert link ( Salesforce Marketing Cloud insert link button ) button.
  4. The "Insert Link" window opens. Choose either Website (http://) or Secure Website (https://) from the "Link to :" drop-down menu.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud insert link in IU shared template
  5. In the "Link URL :" field, enter the URL.
    The URL should not include http:// or https://. This is included in the "Link to :" field.
  6. Enter the tracking alias. The tracking alias is a descriptive name of the link that is used for analytics. The link tooltip (i.e., the hover text for the link) is optional. Click OK.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud IU shared templates link display button
  7. By default, the linked text is underlined and the color is blue.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud sample link - blue
  8. To change the color of the linked text, highlight the text and click the font color arrow ( Salesforce Marketing Cloud font color arrow ).
  9. This opens the color palette. You can change the color by choosing the colors provided or enter a specific HEX Number. For IU shared templates, the recommended link color is IU Crimson (HEX Number 7D110C). Enter the HEX number, and then press Tab to commit. Click OK.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud IU Crimson hex value
  10. The linked text color changes to the recommended IU Crimson. Click Save.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud example link - crimson
  11. To view or edit the link properties, click or highlight the linked text, right-click, and select Link Properties.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud link properties